Tommy Doughery Piano Vox

Tommy Dougherty
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Piano vocal tracks from circa 1982 cut at Audio Media Studios.

The Tommy Dougherty Piano Vox Sessions

After recording Touch My Soul and the Guinness release Tommy Dougherty at Audio Media Studios in Nashville, Tommy went on to sing countless jingles and other sessions such as sound alikes and vocals for song demos. Tommy was the voice for various commercials such as Miller Beer, Mrs. Winners and so on.

During this time in the early 1980s, Tommy went into the studios and cut piano vocal tracks on 5 new songs he had written – Still In Love With You, I Know Love, You Pick Me Up, Roses For My Lady and Heaven Keeps Hell Away.

The recording date is believed to be around 1982.

All 5 songs were transferred and remastered from a cassette copy. With today’s technology, most of the noise has been eliminated from these recordings.

Please feel free to download and listen to these recordings.