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Welcome to - Music from the great blues and soul artist Tommy Dougherty.

Brand New! The collector's item 1960's Dance City USA 45 "Karate K K"

Listen to Karate K K on the MP3 Player. Download the 45 as well for free here

Sometime in the late 60s, Tommy Dougherty recorded the collector's item Karate K K and the B side Japan Ways with Lou Grimaldo and the Symbols. The 45 was released on the label Dance City USA.

Later it was released on the vinyl collection Barnyard Soul Part 2 on Deep Groove Records. This is a great collection of dirty soul that includes this list of songs and artists:

All New! The collector's item 1969 Tear Drop Records 45 "Cold Cold World" and "A Torch I Carry"

Listen to Cold Cold World and A Torch I Carry on the MP3 Player. Download the 45 as well for free here

In 1969, Tommy recorded a 45 for Tear Drop Records under the name Tommy Jackson. The A side Cold Cold World reached the Top 40 in the Billboard Blues chart.

Tommy Dougherty was a working soul singer and Hammond organ player, starting in the late 50s and playing until recent times, as well as a songwriter. The songs he recorded in the 1970s in Nashville, including the classic 1975 gospel funk album Touch My Soul released by Emerald Gem/Decca Records, as well as the funk and pop songs released as the self-titled album Tommy Dougherty on Guinness Records in 1977, make up the bulk of tunes you will find on this site. Also included are the songs from the 2001 recording Still Got Wings as well as piano/vocal tracks from the early 1980s.

All of these compilations are available for listening and downloading free of charge, or you can contribute through PayPal or one of the various MP3 music sites that host the recordings of Tommy Dougherty, including iTunes, Amazon, LastFM, Napster, CDBaby and practically every other music site. One note, many of these recordings can be found under the misspelling of his last name, Tommy Daugherty.

Many of the songs from the Touch My Soul recordings are currently available on various compilations with artists such as Etta James on CDs such as these:

The songs and recordings from Touch My Soul, as well as other recordings from the Guinness release, have been on numerous compilations over the years. The voice of Tommy Dougherty has graced countless recordings, including commercials and jingles such as Miller Beer, numerous sound alike recordings including ones on K-Tel records, as well as the voice for countless song writers throughout Music City. The album Tommy Dougherty released by Guinness is a collector’s item these days and is currently valued at $200.

Tommy Dougherty was born in Corpus Christi, Texas in 1941. He was exposed to the blues music of the black artists at the time while accompanying his father who worked on juke boxes. In the 1950s, Tommy started out on guitar after hearing Elvis Presley, but he soon switched over to the piano as well as converting over to the music of Ray Charles, who would remain his number one influence and favorite artist. In the 1960s, Tommy started playing the Hammond organ, the more muscular A1 variation of the B3. He was largely influenced by Jimmy Smith and kicked pedals as well.

Throughout these years, Tommy played the Houston area nightly, playing at dance halls as well as occasionally working after hours bars at strip clubs etc. Tommy developed a soulful voice that sounded somewhere between Ray Charles and James Brown at the time. He fronted various bands including his favorite, The New Soul, Inc., which included Junior Parker's drummer Hop Hopkins. During the late 1960s, Tommy recorded a 45 single It's a Cold, Cold World under the name Tommy Jackson. He sounded so black at the time that it became a hit on the R&B stations throughout the area until the DJs found out he was white.

In the 1960s and early 70s, Houston and Dallas/Ft. Worth were the hot spots of creative music where countless soul, rock n' roll and Texas country artists played an undeniable brand of music. Musicians from Townes Van Zandt and Guy Clark to Kenny Rogers and B.J. Thomas became successful in their own rights.

Tommy moved to Nashville in 1972 in order to further his career as a recording artist. He initially worked with fellow Houston expatriate Clarence Perry and his band the Mercy Blues. The Mercy Blues were one of the only bands in the Nashville area playing funk and dance, and this they did nightly to capacity crowds of 400-500 people at Perry's Backstage Club down on Lower Broad. At that time, lower Broadway in Nashville was a funky grungy scene that housed not only some of the live country spots, but also peep show venues and street hustlers and prostitutes. Today the seedier side has unfortunately been removed in order to make room for the Hard Rock Cafe and Hooters.

In 1974, Tommy Dougherty started writing and recording demos for House of Cash, the publishing company owned by Johnny Cash. At the same time, a group of adventurous young men started Audio Media Studios and Odyssey Productions. Tommy signed an artist deal with Audio Media because he could record his soulful music rather than recording Porter Wagner styled country music.

In 1975, the album Touch My Soul was recorded. It originally started out as a cheap custom album, but it was soon apparent that something special was occurring. Tommy, who was never much of a religious believer, nevertheless turned out an amazing set of original tunes. The album was released by the Irish label Emerald Gem and distributed by Decca Records.

During 1975 and 1976, recordings were also happening for Tommy’s funk and soul tunes, as well as songs that were recorded to fit in more with the Nashville scene. These recordings include the funk masterpieces Higher Power and Waydown Club, as well as the exquisite stand-out Sail Away.

In 1977, many of these recordings were released by Guinness Records in New York, a subsidiary of Prelude Records. Tommy wasn’t involved in choosing the material or any input in the matter, which is why the styles roam over such a large area. However, all of the songs showcase the talents of Tommy Dougherty and his voice, as well as the Nashville musicians who performed extraordinarily.

Disco came during these years and was one of the factors in delaying Tommy’s recording career. Tommy continued to work in night clubs and sang on countless studio sessions.

In the early 1980s, he recorded piano vocal tracks for some new songs at the time, which reflect more of a refined sophisticated soul as well as vague country music stylings.

During the decade of the 80s, Tommy recorded with a couple of different big-time country music producers in order to land a deal as a country artist, but despite attempts at playing the country music game, he would never fit in with the Hee-Haw Hat acts. He continued to sound like Ray Charles.

In 2001 he recorded his last set of songs for the CD Still Got Wings. After this point, Tommy retired from music and he now lives in Texas. Many of Tommy’s catalog of recordings no longer exist, but fortunately many of his stellar recordings from the 1970s are still available. Listen to these and feel free to download them and spread the word of a great soul artist.

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