Music from the great blues artist Tommy Dougherty.

Paul Dougherty releases MONUMENTAL – The Songs of Tommy Dougherty

The new CD release from Paul Dougherty, MONUMENTAL – The Songs of Tommy Dougherty, released by Bake It Black Records in Munich, is a collection of songs written during the 1980s and 1990s. Check it out here: www.pauldougherty.org

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Tommy Dougherty 1941 – 2017

Tommy Dougherty was a blues singer, Hammond organ player and songwriter, starting in the late 50s in Houston and playing and doing session work until the end of the 1990s in Nashville. The songs he recorded in the 1970s in Nashville, including the classic 1975 gospel funk album Touch My Soul, released by Emerald Gem, as well as the funk and blues songs released as the self-titled album Tommy Dougherty on Guinness Records in 1977, make up the bulk of tunes.

Download Tommy Dougherty (1977)
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Touch My Soul and Tommy Dougherty were recorded at Nashville’s famed Audio Media Studios with the incredible studio band consisting of drummer Eddie Bayers, pianist Dennis Burnside, guitarist Paul Worley, bassist Jack Jackson, background singers The Cherry Sisters and trumpet player Don Sheffield.

The voice of Tommy Dougherty has graced countless recordings, including commercials and jingles such as Miller Beer, numerous sound alike recordings including ones on K-Tel records, as well as the voice for countless songwriters throughout Music City.

The collector’s item 1968 Tear Drop Records 45 Cold Cold World and A Torch I Carry. Recorded under the name Tommy Jackson.

The collector’s item from 1965 Karate K K released on Dance City USA Records with Leo Grimaldo and The Symbols.

Tommy Dougherty was born in Corpus Christi, Texas in 1941. He was exposed to the blues music of the black artists at the time while accompanying his father who worked on juke boxes. In the 1950s, Tommy started out on guitar after hearing Elvis Presley, but he soon switched over to the piano as well as converting over to the music of Ray Charles, who would remain his number one influence and favorite artist.

Throughout these years, Tommy played the Houston area nightly, playing at dance halls as well as occasionally working after hours bars at strip clubs etc. Tommy developed a soulful voice that sounded somewhere between Ray Charles and James Brown at the time. He fronted various bands including his favorite, The New Soul, Inc., which included Junior Parker’s drummer Hop Hopkins.

Many songs from Tommy’s catalog of Nashville recordings no longer exist, but fortunately his stellar recordings from the 1970s are still available. Listen to these and feel free to download them and spread the word of a great soul artist.